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£60,300 scholarships for "adventurous" students

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: Finance is available for adventure-seekers

THE SOCIAL start-up European Funding Guide is teaming-up with Education New Zealand to award 25 'Dream NEW' scholarships to adventurous students - and top grades are not required. The search is on for those who 'think outside the box', students who dream the impossible and reach for the stars.

The team at European Funding Guide, together with its partner and donor, Education New Zealand, is encouraging 'average' students to apply for scholarships in which creativity is the biggest deciding factor when granting awards.

The European Funding Guide awards programmes include average-student scholarships, out-of-the-ordinary scholarships, 'exam nerves' scholarships and 'anti-stress' scholarships.

“What matters most in the selection,” explains Dr. Mira Maier, co-founder and managing director of European Funding Guide, “is the individual background, personality and originality of the applicant.

“Elite support is a good thing. But the ‘ordinary’ student also deserves a scholarship. That’s why we advocate awards to students who don’t fit the typical elite description and don’t match the typical definition.”

Although there are a great number of scholarship programmes in the United Kingdom, the majority are virtually unknown.

“Most high school graduates and students know of only a couple of the large providers, if any,” says Maier.

“They aren’t aware that there are more than 4,012 scholarship programmes.”

The “Dream NEW” scholarship programme:

Awarded by:

Education New Zealand - established by the New Zealand government for international education—and the social startup European Funding Guide that operates the largest scholarship search engine in Europe.

Looking for:

Students who’d rather reach for the stars than lead ordinary lives, adventurers others call crazy because they dream the impossible.

Scholarship terms:

A free semester at one of the 10 best colleges and universities in New Zealand. The 25 available scholarship awards, with a total value of £60,300, are worth up to £7,000 each.

Application deadline:

September 1, 2017

How to apply:

Click here.

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