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‘Eat meat? I’d rather kill myself’

EATING GREEN: Kate Laycy (left) and Lisa Marie Williams are among the UK’s sexiest vegans

IF MORE people stopped eating animals and animal products, the world would be a much better place, according to two gorgeous women for whom being vegan is a way of life.

Lisa-Marie Williams and Kate Laycy were two of four female finalists shortlisted for animal rights group Peta’s Sexiest Vegan in Britain competition.

Although they did not win the competition in the end, they are more than happy to be “spreading the word” about the health benefits of eating no meat or anything derived from animals, including milk, cheese and other products.
Both women have been vegans for almost two years, and were vegetarians before.

Laycy said she decided to become a vegetarian at eight years old when she was “old enough to know what she was eating.”

A love of animals is a shared reason both ladies discontinued a meat diet, and since taking it off their menus, they haven’t looked back.

Williams, who was raised in Trinidad, said she found it difficult to manage a vegetarian diet in the Caribbean because meat is served on almost every dish.

That all changed when she moved to the UK where she discovered “a wide variety of options” that were inaccessible before.


Williams still faced problems after arriving in Scotland where the diet often has a deep-fried finish.

“When I first came to Scotland I was so skinny but then I became so fat. When I became a vegan I lost it, not overnight, but gradually and my blood pressure was down, my skin got better and it’s totally changed me,” she said.

“I’ve put two and two together and now see that changing my diet has drastically improved my health and lifestyle.”

The 24-year-old law graduate explained how she came to form her views. “I believe there is a purpose for animals being here” she said. “The purpose is not for us to control and manipulate their lives. Every living thing has a purpose and keeps the world turning, and if we think as humans we are the dominant ones and take away animals’ lives then what are we going to leave for the future when we have kids?”

Laycy is just as proud of her lifestyle which does not require killing animals and says it makes her feel great.

The actress from Manchester, now based in north London, says she would “rather kill” herself than eat meat again.

She adds: “I feel a lot fitter being a vegan. People have a misconception that vegans are weak. I’m proper into my food, I can eat loads without putting on weight – I can eat more than men, I’m an animal.”

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