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The 10 best 'old skool' hip-hop tunes ever

BACK IN THE DAY: Public Enemy

REMEMBER THE days when hip-hop videos had women with clothes on and friends were 'homies' rather than 'n**gers' ?

Remember when a lot of the lyrics were positive and dealt with issues such as police oppression and black cultural identity? Times when music was fun to dance to and no one knew what a Glock 9mm was? If you do, you will enjoy this bundle of nostalgia-filled videos.

10) N.W.A...Express Yourself

9) Luniz…I Got 5 On It

8) Young MC…Bust A Move

7) Public Ememy…Fight The Power

6) Eric B. & Rakim…Paid In Full

5) DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince…Summertime

4) Tribe Called Quest…Can I Kick It

3) Del La Soul…The Magic Number

2) Arrested Development…Tennessee

1) Grandmaster Flash...White Lines (Don't Do It)

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