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43% of couples fell in love within the first hour of meeting

LOVE IS definitely in the air – for those who are happily coupled up, at any rate!

Those who so far haven’t found 'the one' will no doubt be trying very hard to pursue the perfect partner, as spring, which has just ended, is the time when everything starts blooming… including, hopefully, l’amour!

But how easy is it to find love? And to identify it as such?

TrueView, which is dubbed 'the world’s safest dating app', surveyed hundreds people to discover what we really think about that most important of emotions, and made some surprising discoveries.

Firstly, when it comes to actually falling in love, most people believe you can’t literally make it happen. There’s no science behind it – at least, not according to the nearly 80% of Brits, who believe you can’t use science to make someone fall in love with you (though this does mean that an optimistic 20% or so of us believe you can).

The spiritual connection counts - over three quarters of us believe that’s what happens when we meet the right person – something which transcends the mere everyday.

And when we fall for someone, we fall hard – and quickly. Nearly a quarter of us knew we’d found 'the one' the moment they set eyes on our partner, with a further 43% realising within just an hour. And 85% of us are so in tune with our other half that we didn’t need to ask if they loved us; we both just knew.

When it comes to whispering those three magic words, you might think that women are more prone to declaring their feelings than men. But 65% of men actually said ‘I love you’ first.

"It’s encouraging to know that when it comes to matters of the heart, we Brits still believe in true love – a connection that can’t really be explained," says Matt Verity, co-founder of TrueView.

"After all, who wants to be matched by science, rather than by feelings? People’s quirky qualities are what make them unique, individual and attractive. That is why it is so important to use an online dating service that goes beyond just a photo and shows true personality. That is how attraction, strong relationships and ultimately love develops."

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