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AfroPunk explores what it means to be black

BACK AT IT: AfroPunk

AFROPUNK - THE festival that has been championing multiculturalism and diversity for the past 14 years, has launched a new project ahead of their 2017 dates.

As the AFROPUNK movement expands outside of it’s US home and in to new territories - London, Johannesburg, Paris and beyond, the founders have invited four intellectuals in these regions to explore the
notion of what it is to be black.

Open Letters is an exploration of the commonalities in global black culture, and in the differences, meant to celebrate and condemn and shine a light on all the things that unite diverse peoples of colour and the contrasts between their individual circumstances.

See the writers commissioned to write an essay for for Open Letters below, as they each attempt to balance a personal point of view and a commual take from four spaces where AFROPUNK lives in 2017 - UK (London), France (Paris), United States (Brooklyn and Atlanta) and South Africa

The writer for the UK is Ekow Eshun
The writer for France is Rokhaya Diallo
The writers for the US is Myles Johnson
The writer for SA is yet to be announced

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