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Is the age of chivalry dead?

CHIVALRY: Dead or Alive?

Two London 360 reporters go head to head in a debate about chivalry.

Tasha Mathur

THESE ARE not the rantings of a bitter woman lacking filmy love in her life, but chivalry is so dead. I can’t remember when it existed. You only have to look at the recent sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship to prove this point. Stories have flooded through of men who desperately fought off women and children to claim their seats on the lifeboats to escape. Now compare this to exactly a century ago with the Titanic disaster of 1912, where women and children were helped to safety first. It goes to show the changing attitudes as the age of chivalry rapidly disappears.

Many would argue that the dying age of chivalry is due to women turning their noses up at the idea, believing themselves to be fully capable to fend for themselves.
Yet a survey done by Lindt Lindor Code showed that a third of women admitted they did not expect to ‘go Dutch’ on Valentine’s Day, proving that women do still want to be wooed by their gallant knights.
How often have you seen men offer a seat to a woman on the tube out of pure politeness? Then again, I also don’t see them offering their seats to anyone for any reason. And this isn’t a man-hating statement. This is true of the general public. Chivalry these days should be seen in men and women as a form of common courtesy. But it seems, along with chivalry, this is also a dying practice.

I don’t expect men to hold open doors for me, place me on a pedestal and attempt to woo me. However, I would expect a ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ from anyone these days and that’s what modern day chivalry means to me. If women feel fully independent and equal to men then return the chivalrous favour.
However, it seems the term chivalry itself is an old fashioned phrase for old fashioned times.
Chivalry belongs to a time of noble knights and prissy princesses. It lies amongst the pages of fairytales.


Abdullah Moallim

TO ANSWER the question flatly, no chivalry is not dead, because if it was then romance itself would be dead with it.
Living in a house with four females, (mum and three sisters), I was always taught to respect the opposite gender, as if they were my sisters, meaning I would make sure their day goes as smoothly as possible, which is what I would want for my sisters.

And in my time I’ve given up seats, held doors open and carried prams up and down stairs. The response? It has been really appreciated and I’m pretty sure they wish it happened more often.
Now, we men in 2012 are not as chivalrous as the men of yesteryear but that's not through choice.

Times have changed and women are becoming more independent and rely far less on men than ever before. While that is a good thing, it has left chivalrous men like me on the sidelines.
But will I let that get me down? Of course not, because out there are women who still want a man who upholds the true value of chivalry.
And if all men just stopped being kind and courteous then we would live in a society where no one really cares for one another.

You only have to look at how popular TV programmes like Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs are.
They are programmes that champion and portray the male characters as chivalrous men, who uphold the most noble and traditional values and who know what it takes to be the perfect gentlemen.
Has it had an affect on us? Looks like it has as sales of cravats and elbow gloves are up.
So if men look the part, pretty soon they'll be acting the part too!

I believe chivalry is alive and well and it transcends through to all genders.
As long as men and women have the natural instinct to be gracious to one another, I don't see why we can't go back to the chivalrous days gone by.

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