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All about ORIGIN


AWARD-WINNING British rapper Wretch 32 has become the latest celebrity to endorse the ground- breaking empowerment programme known as ORIGIN.

ORIGIN is a rites of passage programme aimed at young men of African descent between the ages of 13 and 17 – and their families.

The journey, that lasts one year, includes awareness raising workshops, adrenaline-pumping adventures and tests of characters.

With raised awareness, new skills and having learned a lot about themselves, the group of young boys remain involved as members of 'the village' to realise their dreams. To mark the end of the course and acknowledge the positive changes in individuals, a graduation ceremony is held to celebrate the arrival of the new young adults in the community at the end of the year.

Wretch 32

Speaking about the importance of ORIGIN, Wretch 32 said:

“It is important for us to give these often overlooked boys a platform and an opportunity to learn and understand their self-worth, and how they can help themselves and those around them. We must invest in our boys.”

Charlene White

News anchor for ITV News and proud south east Londoner, Charlene White, recently praised the team behind ORIGIN. She encouraged her Instagram followers to get in touch with the organisation in order to take advantage of the opportunities they are offering. White wrote:

“If you know anyone that would benefit from this, then do get in touch with the Origin team @originhq.”

Radio DJ and media personality Manny Norte added:

“After watching the ORIGIN promotional video, it’s clear that this is affirmative and essential. I like this a lot and it all helps. #InvestInOurBoys.”

Femi Oyeniran

British actor and director Femi Oyeniran has also lauded the ORIGIN initiative. The Kidulthood actor, who created and started the hashtag #Grime4Corbyn to aid the Labour leader in the recent General Election stated:

"My friends at @originhq are recruiting. They help brilliant black boys to reach their full potential."

ORIGIN's mission is to make sure that young men of African descent and are proud of their rich heritage and prepared for living productive lives. ORIGIN is a New initiatives (NI) rites of passage programme.

NI is a registered Charity based in Lambeth, south London. The group’s history can be traced back to 1988, and in 2000, they embraced the term ‘African-centred rites of passage’ to best describe their work.

A spokesperson said:

“We arrived here by listening to our elders, accepting the responsibility and by doing the work. Authenticity, integrity and tradition is built into the fabric of all that we do."

“The branches of our rites of passage work include ORIGIN for young men and AKUAH for young women. Our programmes enable young people to journey together from childhood to adulthood.”

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