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Andrew Mitchell 'fits' the crime

FITTED UP: Former Tory Minister Andrew Mitchell.

YOU HAVE to laugh at the spectacle of a former government minister (and a Tory one at that) outraged at the very idea that the cops would ‘fit him up’.

Andrew Mitchell, of course, is going to be rewarded for his outrage by being returned to Government by the Prime Minister any time soon. No such rewards for the countless young black men and women who have been ‘fitted up’ by the cops over the years.

Because, of course, black Britons are used to being ‘fitted up’ by the law. For years we were saying this – all the way back to the Fifties and Sixties, but few listened and few cared – least of all Tory MPs.

They were always the greatest supporters of law and order as represented by the boys in blue – in fact their very electoral success depended upon it. And when law-abiding black people complained that they had been fitted up, Tory MPs were outraged at the very thought of it (the very thought of the accusation that is).

My BBC colleague Raphael Rowe, now an award-winning journalist, was one of those who had to sit behind bars for years after being ‘fitted up’ by the cops in one of the most outrageous examples of rough justice. He was accused and convicted of being one of the so-called M25 Three.

In that case, any black man would do for the police trying to secure a conviction. And of course, Winston Silcott was a convenient target of the police when they wanted to resolve the shocking murder of PC Keith Blakelock during the 1985 Tottenham riots.

We could go on and on. But there’s no point. Because once this Andrew Mitchell thing is over it will be business as usual and the Tories will still act as if the cops ONLY fit up Conservative MPs who swear at them.

We who are not government ministers don't have to swear at the cops to be 'fitted up'. All we have to do is go about our normal business for us to ‘fit the crime'. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Andrew Mitchell.

Don't play the race card in your desperate attempt to get back into government. Those race cards belong to WE, not THEE. You swore at the police so the very least they can do is fit you up for some of those unsolved crimes that they would normally fit a black person for. I look forward to seeing you on Crimewatch.

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