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Anglo Caribbean dominos championships take place next week

SLAMMING: The Anglo Caribbean Domino League takes place on October 24

A GLANCE right, a hand twitch here, an eye brow raise there. The hypnotic sound of shuffling dominos on wooden tables, and then - bang!

Hand slamming and shouting, whistles and horns, and a good old fashioned dance. Who knew dominos could be so noisy?

Twenty three years and still going strong – and The Anglo Caribbean Domino League (ACDL) is coming back to London for its grand finale on October 24 in Bethnal Green, east London.

Island Records draws on its roots and its long association with the Caribbean to host the final of the UK’s official Domino tournament for the second consecutive year.

Some of the country’s top domino stars will be competing for the league title includingThe Philosopher, Harms House, The Preacher, Seven-days-a-week, Tiger Woods and Badboy Leroy.

With a strict guideline and dress code adhered to by the referees and players, this league stands above other leagues with its discipline and vivacity wrapped up in skill and excitement.


Wolverhampton Wolves
Cosmopolitan DC (London)
Bradfield Boys Club
Croydon United
United Friendly DC
Clapham Eagles
Brixton Immortals
Hampton Hawks
Birmingham Community Association Slammers

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