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Another ‘racist’ rant: man hurls ‘gorilla’ abuse on train

AGGRESSIVE: The man shown here calls another man a "f**king gorilla" among other things

BRITISH TRANSPORT police (BTP) are investigating a new case of racist train rage, a phenomenon in which perpetrators are being increasingly caught out by mobile phone video recordings posted online.

The latest incident occurred on a commuter train from London to Brighton – the video, uploaded onto YouTube on May 26, depicts a middle-aged man standing in the aisle holding what appears to be a bottle of beer.

Wearing a “NTL” branded high-visibility jacket and seemingly intoxicated, the man proceeds to use racial language to insult a black passenger, who apparently awoke the man from his sleep, but other alarmed passengers accuse the man of falling asleep on the alleged victim of the tirade.

Urged to “sit down” and “calm down” by several female commuters the man persists in calling the black traveller a “mongrel”, “f**king gorilla”, “monkey”, and threatens to take his eye out.

In addition, the man, whose speech is slurred with an Irish accent, threatens to “f**king kill” the passenger and “throw him under the train”.

The aggressor approaches the black male in a confrontational and provocative manner, and fortunately the footage, which lasts nearly three minutes, does not show any punches being thrown.

RACIAL ABUSE: Warning, contains offensive footage

The passenger does push away the foul-mouthed man at the beginning, but remains quiet in the train carriage as he listens to the incendiary language.

The alleged victim appears to have decided against moving to another compartment.

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident which is said to have happened on May 26, when the train was approaching Brighton train station.

A BTP spokesman said: “Everyone has the right to travel without fear of abuse or threatening behaviour and BTP takes this type of offence extremely seriously.

The Daily Mail reports the aggressive passenger was only cautioned for fare evasion at the scene and that the alleged victim of the drunken tirade did not want to take further action.

NTL was a communications company which was rebranded in 2007 as Virgin Media, and a spokesman for the firm said: “If he is identified from amongst our thousands of excellent employees, we'll take the strongest possible action as we completely condemn the views expressed in the video.”

The incident comes after other cases of public transport racism, where complete strangers have abused each other.

A woman, infamously known for the Croydon tram race rant, is currently being tried in court for racial public disorder.

Emma West pleaded guilty to the charges this month and awaits sentencing.

DRUNK AND INSULTING: The man told other passengers "don't touch this Irish face"

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