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Anthony David: Living, loving and learning 'Out Loud'

ANTHONY DAVID: On President Obama's ipod

ANTONY DAVID wants you to know that he cannot be put into a musical box.

After steadily becoming an icon amongst a generation of neo soul singers, the Atlanta native has set himself free of all labels forced upon him by continuing to push boundaries.
Anthony’s latest offering, Love Out Loud is the proof that he likes to mix things up,. With a selection of tracks that range from R’n’B to reggae.

Here, the 40-year-old talks about achievements, his love for London and getting a shout-out from the President of the United States of America- Barack Obama.

You have racked up a lot of accolades including a Grammy nomination in 2009, in your eyes what has been the highlight of your career so far?

Probably the whole [President Barack] Obama thing. He shouted me out and said that I was on his iPod and that was pretty cool. I’d definitely say it was a big moment. There have been quite a few moments, but if I had to pick something out that would be it.

All of your music sounds so personal, what ins-pires you to write?

Regular life, if you write something detailed enough then it always ends up being personal. You write your stuff in such a way that you end up revealing yourself and finding out that other people feel the same way.

What is your favourite place in the world to perform?

Well I am from Atlanta so I love playing there. I also love playing in London because I get to pull out my Caribbean roots a little bit more. I am not from there [Caribbean] but that’s the music that I love a lot. It is fun to perform that stuff there, because people respond more to it.

You once said “I have never been one to shy away from boxes but I will expand those boxes”, what did you mean?

Well, we are in a global society; it’s not just me who think like that - everybody thinks like that! Nobody can say they only listen to one kind of music and it cracks me up when people try and hold artistes to a set type of music. It’s like dude; everybody has all sorts of things on their iPod.

How did you come up with the album title ‘Love out loud’?

I actually don’t know. I am always just making things up like that. Obviously something like Laugh Out Loud is all over the Internet. But to me it just made sense because that is what music is - Love out loud.

Have you got any shows coming up in London?

Yes, we are trying to work on a few things for later this year hopefully. Even though I am looking forward to it - I prefer London in the spring.

Do you like our weather?

I am not into cold weather man, but I love London so much that I will take it how I can get it.

Love Out Loud is out now through Dome records

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