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Antibiotics and vitamin C could kill cancer cells

KEY: Vitamin C is reportedly 100 times more effective than drugs at killing cancer cells

"VITAMIN C and antibiotics could be up to 100 times more effective than drugs at killing cancer cells – without the side effects," reports the Mail Online.

The news comes from the results of a study carried out by researchers from the University of Calabria in Italy, and the University of Manchester and the University of Salford in the UK. They found a new two-pronged approach using the antibiotic doxycycline followed by vitamin C could kill cancer cells.

Doxycycline killed many cancer cells, but others became resistant. The resistant cells were then destroyed by vitamin C.

While this is encouraging news, it still needs to be put into context. The experiments all took place in the laboratory. Researchers used human breast cancer stem cells, but didn't perform any studies on animals or humans.

This means we don't know how successful this strategy could be – and the Mail's claim there would be no side effects is unsupported.

Though both doxycycline and vitamin C are safe to use in humans, more research is needed to find out how they interact with other cancer treatments and therapies before this can be recommended as a new approach to treating cancer.

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