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Appeal to women with Turner syndrome to partake in research

ARE YOU a woman with Turner syndrome (TS), or the mum of a girl with TS? Would you mind talking in confidence to a researcher about your thoughts on having a family?

I'm based at De Montfort University in Leicester, and my research explores how women with TS make decisions about how to have a family, what they think about the options they have, and the reasons they may or may not choose their option they prefer.

The choices people make can be affected by factors that are unique to that person and their situation: what their family thinks, what their partner or husband would like, the financial cost, and personal ethical or religious beliefs. There is very little research which looks at what women with TS think of the choices they have, and the reasons they may or may not choose them.

I'm also talking to mums of girls with TS, for two reasons: mums are usually concerned about their daughter's future fertility from an early age, and some mums have frozen eggs for their daughter's use in later life. I want to see what mums think of their daughter’s options for having children, and how this is handled within the family.

If you’re a woman with TS or mum of a girl with TS, and you’ve thought about or decided what to do about having children, whatever your choice, I would love to hear what you have to say.

The research is completely confidential and anonymous. If you're interested, please get in touch. You can find out more without feeling any obligation to take part.


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