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Are millennials avoiding church?

CHURCH: Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Brixton Hill

IN 2010, the Church of England (CofE), working under the auspices of the Archbishop Council, conducted major research into the profile of their members and when the results were released it was discovered that the average age of UK church-goers was an astonishing 61 years old – London attendees were found to be slightly younger, with an average age of 54 years old.

Seven years later, this number doesn't seem to have greatly changed, not only within the CofE denominations but across all churches.

Grow Your Church Now, a London-based organisation that deals with all aspects of church growth, discovered through their own research and findings, that a suggested 2 in 5 ‘millennials’ (people currently aged between 18-35) stop attending church yet remain true to their Christian beliefs and faith.

Grow Your Church Now are exploring whether or not these statistics present an accurate picture of church trends and if they are accurate, how are these millennials practising their faith if they are detached from the Church body? The organisation is also exploring the implications of these factors for the future of the church.

Those between 18-35 are invited to take part in their latest exploratory survey.

On Wednesday, 12 April, Grow Your Church Now (lead by founder and ordained minister Madge Obaseki) launched a Nationwide survey targeting those within this specified age group, asking them to engage in a brief online survey to answer some key questions on their thoughts of the church such as:

1) If you are part of a church, what do you like, dislike about it?

2) If you're not part of a church but previously were, why did you leave?

3) Are you still a Christian having left the church?

4) What would you tell a church leader if you had the opportunity, about the running of local churches in relation to being a millennial?

The survey will run until Sunday 14th May 2017 and then the data will be reviewed and released for open discussion at the 4th Grow Your Church Now Church Growth Seminar, The Church - The Youth - The Future, which is being held on 9 September in Holborn.

At this exploratory review, Grow Your Church Now will inform Christian leaders belonging to older generations themselves, how they could respond and if necessary, adapt to ensure they are engaging millennials.

Invited to the discussion is a leading pastor who has purposefully and strategically pioneered churches lead by ministers with the average age range of 30+ years, as well as a millennial speaker who will share his personal experience of the church.

To take part in the survey, visit:

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