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Are there no black people in England?

AVAILABLE: Eddie Nestor

I AM sitting here watching the trailers for the new BBC show The Voice. I am steaming.

Why oh why do those lazy people who decide who is going to be on our televisions not get off their backsides and do a little more work?

Why is it that seemingly every time there is a reality show on terrestrial television and there is a black person on it they come from America?

Think about it. X Factor Kelly Rowland, The Voice has WIL I AM. When Celebrity Big Brother was on we had the former basketball player Dennis Rodman, Jermaine Jackson, Traci Bingham and Fava Flav. H

Hold on I haven’t finished yet what about I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here? Didn’t they have Antonio ‘Huggy Bear’ Fargas and Sheila Ferguson from the Three Degrees.

OK I will stop now. I think I have made my point. I have never been but mates tell me that when they go to the States people there say things like ‘They have black people in England?’ Well apparently not.

Maybe that is the problem; it is the Yanks casting these shows. And before you start are you telling me that there aren’t any broke, used-to-be-famous black people who wouldn’t jump at the chance of making fools of themselves or telling people how they used to smash it?

Maybe I am being too subtle here. I am available...

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