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Are you an alpha male?

ALPHA MALE: are you the best you can be?

AN ALPHA male is someone who is actively seeking and progressing toward a higher state of self. In other words, continuously improving… whether that is in sport, the arts, or academically. In a world filled with talkers, the alphas are the doers among us.

Maybe you’re already doing well, but when things are going well, that’s the time you need to really up your game and take things to the next level. Being alpha is about always pushing the boundaries, raising the bar on yourself, and creating your own renewed standards when you’ve met your old ones.

Being on you’re A-game:

The funny thing is, the more talented you are at something, the easier it is to fall off your ‘A’ Game. Think about it, those who aren’t particularly good at dance for instance will feel the need to attend more classes and practice at home. However, if you’ve always been a ‘natural’ dancer, the impetus to train is reduced, thus slowing down your growth. While you are coasting at your level, the less gifted person is striving, reaching their full potential and then stretching it further.

The lesson in this for all of us is to continually seek higher standards in what we do, whether we are already good at it or not. There is detail within the detail and always room for improvement.

STUDY: you can never have too much knowledge

If you’re reading this you can obviously speak /understand English. But ask yourself this: when was the last time you paid particular attention to how you speak over the phone or how you pronounce your words? Do you speak smoothly or stumble through your sentences searching for the right word? (We all know someone who does this.)

I know people who can sing really well but they haven’t got a record deal. They go around performing at gigs, singing their hearts out and thinking they are doing all they can. Wrong!
If you talk to some of these people, you’ll find that they haven’t worked much on their image lately, and haven’t worked much on the details of their delivery and crowd interaction. They are natural singers so why invest in more vocal coaching, they say. ‘I just wanna make it’ is their slogan and all their efforts are focussed on external progress rather than internal.

Let’s also look at expansion. I know of a PR agent who, as far as I’m aware, is pretty good. Not particularly amazing, but certainly industry standard. I was really impressed to learn recently that he is currently studying entertainment law. He already runs his own PR company, yet he is now expanding his horizons with new capabilities. This is a prime example of being on your A-game.
When he earns his qualification, he’ll be able to offer a far higher level of PR service than he could have without out his new knowledge. He will also look more professional in the eyes of his prospective clients and be able to charge far higher rates.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: even the best dancers still need to train

Ask yourself: is there any room for you to expand? Are you a singer who could do with some audio production or piano lessons? Or an actor who could benefit from script writing or video production classes? Maybe you’re a plumber who could benefit from learning how to fit kitchens. Whatever it is, expand.

I’ll leave you with a few questions to ask yourself about the A-game:

* Are you better today than you were last week?

*Are you paying attention to how you perform tasks? Whether you are considered good at them or not?

* Are you stretching yourself with every opportunity?

This week, whatever you do, from cooking dinner to writing your next screenplay, go hard or go home!

Gianno Parris is an empowerment coach and self-proclaimed alpha male. Follow him on Twitter: @GiannoParris

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