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Bang Edutainment to raise money for kids in Harlesden

HELPING HAND: Bang Edutainment

HARLESDEN HAS often had a bad reputation for a long time, but things are turning around. It was once the gun crime capital of the UK, and recorded the highest murder rate in the country, which is staggering considering how big the UK is.

Despite the fact that crime has decreased slightly, violent crime and anti-social behaviour account for over half of the crimes committed in the area, with young people particularly susceptible to gangs and crime.

Bang Edutainment have been a big part of the positive change in the area, running programmes for 18 years, and have helped over 1,000 people through their programmes, workshops and after school facilities.

The charity is now at a critical stage and needs funding in order to continue serving local children, which is why they have launched a crowdfunding campaign. The charity is raising money so that they can continue running their No Limits Programme which helps children at risk of offending, by highlighting and building on their strengths.

Jennifer Ogole, founder of Bang Edutainment said: “There are many reasons why young people offend, including breakdowns in the family unit. Young people are not born bad, but labels and situations outside of their control can lead them to crime, and to seeking affirmation from other places. It’s for us as a community to draw them back.”

As well as the No Limits programme, Bang Edutainment have a full range of projects, including an after-school club. There are also some more exciting things on the horizon, including radio classes, and online classes that can reach the community and beyond.

“I see a Harlesden that is thriving, bustling and profitable. But it starts with us. It starts with us contributing and investing in the lives of our young people.” Jennifer concludes.

To donate to the campaign, and help Bang continue the good work, please go to:

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