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Barbers Health Forum promote men's health

AWARENESS: Lyndon Wissart and Erroll McKellar

YOUR BARBER is in a great position to encourage you to get medical help.

That was the message at a men's health forum, which reinforced the theme of talking to your barber more relating to health concerns

#Tell your Barber

Neasden based hair studio Mane Culture are the latest organisation to get behind the growing men’s health movement in the UK. It has often been said that barber shops are unofficial men’s clubs and that your barber often knows a lot of your secrets.

Well last weekend heralded the launch of a unique health seminar which had men coming along to the barbers not for a short back and sides or a quick trim but for life saving information delivered via inspiring health presentations from Errol McKellar, Prostate Cancer UK representative, diabetes prevention practitioner Lyndon Wissart and NHS sexual health practitioner Laverne Gaymes.

Speaking to a packed venue, the overall messages were well received. Your health is indeed your wealth; however the adverse levels of many of these health issues were more often fuelled by silence.

Attendees getting ready to hear the presentation

Men just don’t talk about their health status as much as they should and opening up on health concerns was reiterated many times by the speakers.

Health presentations

No matter how many times you have listened to Errol McKeller or Lyndon Wissart's powerful personal accounts, it is like you are hearing the information for the first time.

McKellar succeeded in getting his overall message across in his own uniquely passionate way and encapsulated everything in a few choice quotes:

“As men we always have so many reasons for not doing the test, we need to find more reasons to do the test," he said. “In some cases it really is a matter of life and death. Prostate cancer didn't knock me out it just knocked me down."

He added that "if I hadn't taken the test when I did, I would probably not be here right now.

The facts

- Prostate cancer kills 1 man every 45mins
- 1 in 8 European men will suffer from prostate cancer
- 1 in 4 African Caribbean men will be affected

Lyndon Wissart was just as effective in getting his unique message across and he really pulled no punches in delivering his presentation and encouraging people to keep bringing awareness and encourage eligible men to get tested."

Wissart has good experience in this area. A trained chef by profession, he developed Type 2 diabetes through the constant consumption of sweet foods. He took things into his own hands and reversed his type two diabetes condition in 105 days.

He states that there are key steps to take control and ultimately beating the condition:

Mindset - know your numbers (HbA1C)
Diet - eat healthier and reduce hidden sugars
Exercise - increase your workouts
Fasting - (clear the blood by regular fasting)

Wissart has written a book called the Inspired Diabetic which outlines the lifestyle choices you should take if you are serious about being in control of your diabetic status.

Another key area covered during the event was sexual health, delivered by Laverne Gaymes who effectively explained the need to frequently get tested.

She explained what happens during a sexual health screening; you are required to give a simple urine and blood sample. This is conducted in a sexual health clinic and not at your doctors. It is totally confidential and you can go to any NHS sexual health clinic location that you want to and you're not restricted to your own area.

It was quoted that there is a general increase in sexual disease transfer rates due to the reluctance to test. Testing seems to be a cultural taboo in the black community and consistent use of condoms is the best way of reducing STD risks.

All in all, it was a great day and the team down at Mane Culture can be proud of their initiative, led by Kevin De La Rosa and Kirk Shirley as they promise more events in the near future.

Mane Culture are located at: 309 Neasden Lane, London, NW10 1QR

Find out more on their website:
Instagram: @mane_culture

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