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BBC 1Xtra blamed for growing youth violence

CONTROVERSY: Drill music

THE BBC has been accused of condoning “black on black” violence through its promotion of drill music, it has been claimed.

The concerns have been raised by former gang member Simeon Moore who says radio playlists are legitimising gang feuds.

He told The Times: "I want to know what these strict editorial guidelines are because from where I’m standing, it’s as if it’s ok to speak about violence if it’s black-on-black violence.

“Urban gang wars are deadly, they destroy lives and whole communities. So when you have the biggest urban radio station in the UK playing music that legitimises these activities it really does mean that these things have become part of our everyday life."

According to Moore, he had asked to speak to 1Xtra's head of programmes, Mark Strippel to address his concerns over legitimising youth violence, but an interview was not permitted.

This latest accusation comes after five members of the group 1011 were restricted from making drill music. The judges' enforcement put restraints on their lyrics, videos and performances.

The ruling is highlighted by the surge of violent crimes in the capital, which Met officials blame on the glorification of drill music.

A 1Xtra spokesman said: "We take our editorial responsibilities very seriously. Each track is considered for the playlist based on its musical merit, lyrical suitability and whether its tone is right for the 1Xtra target audience, with decisions made on a case-by-case basis.

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