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'Bedlam' behind the scenes of Rihanna's 777 tour

HAPPIER TIMES: Journalists surround Rihanna on plane

MANY OF the journalists invited to take part in Rihanna’s special ‘777’ tour have complained that they have not got to interview the singer.

The Diamonds hit-maker, who chose a selection of her fanclub and 150 people in the media from across the world to travel with her for a week on a Boeing 777 plane, has found herself at the center of accusations that the whole trip has turned into ‘bedlam’.

In a selection of blogs about the experience many of the writers have reported that tensions began after the 24-year-old refused to give any interviews to the group, who say they ‘have not seen her since the first day’.

MTV Style blogger, Mary HK Choi, wrote earlier today: “AHHAAHAHAH it’s pandemonium on the plane. We’ve just left Berlin after a rooooough time in Paris and the Fuse guys in front of us just sabotaged the Official Rihanna documentary by chanting “B Roll” in unison and it was genius.”

She continued: “Playboy dude just asked them to recreate it for HIS camera but they aren’t having it because that dude is “just trying to scoop an angle!” It's every man for himself. I wish they hadn’t given us German meat chips for our 4:00 AM plane snack because it’s making me punchy. I also love that we have twelve drink tickets pooled between us because drinking would make us barf. We may be teetotalers after last night."

The alleged 'revolt' against the star has since culminated in Austalian journalist, who is believed to be a presenter from Melbourne's Fox FM, streaking down the aisle of the plane chanting: “Just one quote!”

In a recent blog Rolling Stone writer, Erika Ramirez, said the other journalists have simply stopped asking ‘what’s going on?’, claiming the whole experience feels like an ‘experiment’.

She wrote: "We're no longer asking, "What's going on?" as we did on day one, but "What is this?" I must admit that that question has been present in the forefront of my mind since being invited on the tour but I silenced it by mistakenly assuming that we'd get a feel for Rihanna's day-to-day; seeing all sides of the singer that keeps us intrigued (rebellious, feisty, and playful) both off and on stage.”

“It's now more than halfway into the tour and the one and only thing we're sure of is what it's not.”

Rihanna, who is yet to make a statement on the story, is set to make an appearance at shopping mall Westfield Stratford today to turn on the Christmas lights.

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