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Bellew knocks Haye clean out of the ring

IT'S A KNOCKOUT: Tony Bellew, right, beat David Haye in round 11

IN ONE of the most unpredictable matches in recent history, Tony Bellew has beaten David Haye in the 11th round at the o2 in Greenwich this evening.

Haye's camp had no choice but to throw in the towel before the last round after the former heavyweight champion had a series of stumbles, falls and a final unceremonious roll which saw him fall literally out of the ring itself.

An old injury to the Achilles tendon seemed to cause Haye's defeat. The confident trash-talking favourite to win appeared frozen to the spot once the match was actually in play. From as early as the middle of the match, Haye fell against the ropes and down on one knee a number of times before Liverpudlian Bellew finished him off with a series of blows that saw Haye roll out of the ring and struggle to make it back in during round 11.

Once he was announced winner, Bellew turned to the camera and shouted a message to his girlfriend:

"We're getting married next year July babe!"

In another suprising turn, the two heavyweights showed a mutual respect.

Bellew said:

"I've just secured mi kids future, I don't give a s**t about winning.

"David, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking me...I've got so much respect for David as a fighter and he can come again - we can do it again!"

Haye returned the favour by addressing a booing crowd:

"This guy's got the heart of a lion. I gave my best and my best wasn't good enough tonight. I believe I'm more gifted and what not...", to which Bellew replied "He is!" before Haye continued with:

"He had bigger balls tonight.

If the fans want to see it we will do Liverpool. If he would oblige...I'm at his mercy."

Commentators mentioned the old heel injury as Haye suffered punch after punch, however when asked about its impact on his performance, he wouldn't mention a disadvantage:

"It is what it is. He was the better fighter."

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