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"Beware of the womaniser"

CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS: Women must be in control of their emotions in order to avoid ‘blind spots’

THE BATTLE of the sexes has been waged since the dawn of time but moving into 2013 women may just have a new secret weapon in the form of the new book Woman Vs. Womaniser.

Described as 'the book men do not want women to read' L&S spoke to J.C Johnson - the author of this potentially risky novel and explored some of its advice to women, starting with the question, what is a womaniser?

"My definition of a womaniser is a man who is very self-centered. Women are a means to an end, he is someone who doesn't have much respect for women," explained the writer.

Motivated by what Johnson calls, “a deep desire to tell women the truth about how guys think”, Woman Vs Womanizer follows a somewhat unconventional path of being presented as an autobiography interspersed with valuable information and advice for women to suss out the bad boys.

"It's a life journey with advice throughout the book,” said Johnson. “Not only is it self sacrifice, but it’s about putting yourself on the line where most people wouldn't."

Deciding to share his life experiences alongside the relationship advice is a poignant move considering the detail into which the author delves. From his beginnings in north London and the troubled relationship between himself and his father, the novel is not only frankly honest but, as Johnson found, cathartic.

"It was very therapeutic for me. What overrode other people’s doubts was the fact that I knew my book would help women who are going through these situations - that was my main focus," he said. 

USE YOUR INSTINCT: According to the author instinct is key to ensuring you don’t fall prey to a womaniser

Despite some dark moments, Woman Vs Womaniser is a book of many tones, with experiences that will make the reader laugh or be shocked into silence. The book has been read and praised by people such as singer Ms Dynamite and internationally renowned comedienne Gina Yashere, but Johnson admitted that he has had a range of responses since the book's release last year.

"There has been some positive and some negative feedback. I've come across men whose partners have bought them the book and some have said they now have a good understanding of how they treat women,” said Johnson.

“There are some guys who ask me why I’m letting women know what we think?  To those guys I always turn it around and say to them, ‘would you not want your daughter to read a book that would make them aware of certain attitudes of some men?’ Then their whole view changes when you put it to them like that.”

He added: “In terms of women, I've had messages from across the world like from women who say I have described their partner to a ‘T’ or say the book is now their Bible. I think the book does a lot. It makes you look at yourself which is what I wanted to do in the first place."

The book does indeed dish out a lot of tips for ladies to keep one step ahead of men, but Johnson also asks women to look at themselves and their actions.


"The main message is to master emotions so that you can separate the facts from fantasy. A lot of people are suffering, they are emotionally tied and don't get to see what’s really going on and that's because they aren't removing their emotions temporarily so they can see the facts," explained the life coach.

After reading Woman Vs Womaniser there is no doubting the emotional, psychological and spiritual journey the author has embarked, but looking ahead into 2013, has the former bad boy reformed his ways and found love?

"I've definitely reformed my ways. I'm growing. I haven't found love as yet, but I'm in that space in my life where I'm concentrated on growing rather than the relationship side of life. I'm sure it'll fit in when the time is right."

Woman vs. Womaniser is out now, for more information visit

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