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'Big girls need love too'

BIG GIRL: Amber Riley who stars in US hit-show Glee(PA)

THE RECENT survey by the University of Pittsburgh stateside that reveals that middle-aged women love to have as much sex as they can get and continue desiring it well into their 80s and 90s should not come as any surprise - least of all to women.

Why on earth they had to spend millions to work that out beats me. All they had to do was ask. Ain't that the truth, ladies?

The whole truth, however, is that the only thing that stands between a grey-haired woman and her sex drive is the man in her life who somewhere between the age of 40 and 50 discovers a penchant for younger women.

I don't know why that is (maybe the scientists should do a survey on that) but the men in the barber shop tell me invariably that it's because the women their age just don't desire sex as much as they used to.

 So we're going around in circles. On the one hand, older women are gagging for it and on the other hand, their partners say that they keep complaining about headaches. Surely both positions can't be true, can they?

Well, yes, they can. Because the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is that while their men are chasing women half their age, the mature sista is telling him she's got a headache whilst she satisfies her penchant for men who are half her man's age. My missus tells me that the ladies in the hair salon say it's because with all the will in the world and their hubbies cannot keep up with their desires.

We really are going around in circles.

I wish some of these university boffins would do a survey on who lies the most in relationships - men or women. The fellas in the barber shop have got their opinion.

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