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Black councillor under fire after using N-word on video

UNDER FIRE: Councillor Barham Lundy

A BLACK councillor in the US is under fire for using the N-word in a recorded video on his mobile phone.

Barham Lundy, who presides over Grantville City, was caught using the offensive term during, what he claims, was a private conversation with friends.

He was recorded about a year ago by Wayne Rosser, a Grantville resident, who was filming police activity in the street.

"If I did say it, it's okay for me to call him one but you can't call him one," Lundy told FOX 5 reporter Denise Dillon – a statement that has divided the city council.

Mayor Jim Sells and Councilman David Riley, who are both white, have called for Lundy to resign.

The revelation follows the resignation of white Police Chief Doug Jordan who was forced out after texts messages emerged of him using the same word.

Though it is not clear what context Lundy used the term in, Mayor Sells says the councillor has “no credibility with the people he was elected to represent”

“They’re trying to compare what I said to what the chief of police said. There is no comparison,” Lundy said in his defence.

“I was around some more blacks. I wasn’t in any official capacity. I wasn’t even in Coweta County. I was just in conversation with some black people,” Lundy said. “I wasn’t aware I was being recorded.”

He said black people use the word “n*****” in speaking to and about each other – without meaning anything demeaning or unkind. He said that context applies to the taped conversation.

“I wasn’t talking about a white person. I wasn’t talking about a Mexican. I was using that term to talk about a member of my own race. It wasn’t a racial slur,” he said.

“I suspended the chief because of the information given to me, which he didn’t deny,” Sells said. The chief subsequently resigned.

Mayor Sells added: “He should resign. The community should not have to survive a council member whose language is that inappropriate. We’re all disgraced as long as he’s on the council.”

Lundy has stated that he has no intention to resign.

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