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Black Lives Matter UK: I voted Labour - so should you

THUMBS UP FOR JEZZA: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outside Pakeman School, where he casted his own vote earlier today

I ORGANISE for black lives to matter in the UK and I just voted Labour.

I voted Labour because the fight for black lives is a life-long struggle and every Tory government makes that struggle so much harder.

I voted because Labour, while certainly not perfect, is the best option black people are being offered by our government. Labour will not fight our struggle for us, but it will give us the breathing space we need to build the futures we deserve.

I voted Labour because a Corbyn government will scrap bedroom tax and reinstate housing benefit for under-21s and review dangerous cuts to Universal Credit as well as limits on payments to first two children of families.

I voted Labour because a Corbyn government will focus on taxing those who earn over £80,000 rather than continuing to take from those who are the poorest in our communities.

I voted Labour because a Corbyn government will scrap ‘income thresholds’ for the partners of migrants who want to come to the UK to be with their families. Corbyn's government have pledged to retain benefits of single market and customs union during Brexit and immediately guarantee the existing rights of EU nationals living in Britain, securing reciprocal rights for UK citizens living in another EU country. I voted for a Labour government led by Corbyn because no human is illegal.

TAKING ACTION: Black Lives Matter activists outside Nottingham Theatre Royal shut down part of the city to protest against social injustice last year

I just voted Labour because thousands of people will continue to lose their lives and livelihoods under a Tory government that does not care about the many, but only the few.

I voted for Corbyn because Theresa May is no sister of mine and here are some more specific reasons that she is no sister of yours either...

I voted Labour and you should too, because black families matter and the protection for women on maternity leave are strengthened under Labour - paternity leave is also doubled to four weeks and paternity pay increased.

I voted to invest to build one million new homes, including 100,000 council and housing association homes by the end of next parliament. To cap rent rises to inflation and to ensure legal minimum standards in properties for rent.

I voted because tuition fees will be abolished and maintenance grants reintroduced for students in higher education who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

I voted for zero hours contracts to be outlawed, unpaid internships banned, and minimum wage to be brought in line with living wage to at least £10 by 2020.

SUPPORT: Anti-Tory stickers are placed on a street sign in Jeremy Corbyn's constituency of Islington, north London

I voted for Corbyn because his government will cap the average household dual fuel bills at £1,000 a year, and put more than £30billion extra funding into our NHS and immediately protect EU NHS workers’ rights. I voted for Corbyn because our vital public services need to be protected, not dismantled.

Corbyn has promised to make moves towards the creation of a National Care Service so that conditions are improved for care workers and for those of us who urgently need care and cannot, in fact, live without it.

I voted Labour so our elders will have access to winter fuel allowance and free bus passes as universal benefits.

I voted so that 4,000 homes will be provided for the homeless.

I voted for Corbyn because our railways will be brought back into public ownership as franchises expire and our land protected and fracking will be banned, instead of our land continuing to be destroyed for profit.

I didn’t vote so I could sit back and let Corbyn fight for black lives. I voted Labour so that we had room to continue fighting for ourselves.

Come what may, the work continues. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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