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The 'Black Panther Challenge' comes to the UK

CROWDFUND: Black Panther

NEW YORK resident Frederick Joseph made the news this week, after launching the #BlackPantherChallenge and raising over $42,000 on GoFundMe to take Harlem children to see the highly anticipated Marvel flick.

Since the launch of the challenge, Joseph has called on others to start a GoFundMe in their community to take more kids to see Black Panther. Over the last few days, thousands of people across the country answered the call by donating to or starting a GoFundMe, with even Ellen DeGeneres joining in the #BlackPantherChallenge and and making a generous contribution.

Joseph appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, where Ellen pledged to cover the cost of the screening for the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. The $42,000 raised on GoFundMe will be donated directly to the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem to support other important programs.

“I can’t thank Ellen enough. She generously helped me and she covered the cost of the Black Panther screening for the kids in Harlem,” said Joseph.

“All children deserve to believe they can save the world, go on exciting adventures, or accomplish the impossible. I am grateful that all of you have answered the call and are taking action to help more kids watch their heroes on the big screen.

"Let’s keep pushing forward. I am paying it forward and will donate to 10 campaigns, and I hope everyone joins the #BlackPantherChallenge and donates to or creates a GoFundMe in your city.”

In addition to Ellen DeGeneres, the GoFundMe #BlackPantherChallenge also garnered support from thousands of people across the country including Viola Davis, Jemele Hill, Snoop Dogg,
Chelsea Clinton, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chris Baker, J.J. Abrams, and Katie McGrath. Additionally, The Omaha Star, Nebraska’s largest African American newspaper, started a GoFundMe for kids in Nebraska.

The challenge has now been embraced in the UK, with actress Jade Anouka launching a GoFundMe account, to secure a free screening of Black Panther for young people at PeckhamPlex.

"Black presence on film and tv is underrepresented and often pushing negative stories. Many kids grow up loving superheroes aspiring to be Spiderman, Batman, Ironman etc. This film is new in that it is not only positive representation of black characters but black superheroes! and strong female characters!

PICTURED: Jade Anouka

The Chewing Gum star added: "I think the film will be an inspiration to so many and I'm especially excited about showing young black people that they can be the hero too."

Nadia Gilani from GoFundMe said :“The Black Panther challenge has really caught the imagination of communities across the world. We’re excited to be a part of it and help kids everywhere get the chance to see heroes who can inspire them on the big screen."

You can support Anouka's #BlackPantherChellenge by donating to her GoFundMe page here:

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