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'Black super rich should buy LA Clippers'

SUPER RICH: Oprah has been linked to the Clippers (PA)

WE HAVE to applaud America's National Basketball Association for the swift and decisive way in which they dealt with the racist pillow talk of the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

In a now notorious tape that has gone viral across the globe, Donald Sterling reprimanded his girlfriend for having a picture taken with Magic Johnson and posting it on her Facebook page. In fact he didn't want her being seen with any black people at all and would prefer her not to have them as friends. This from the mutli-millionaire owner of basketball team whose players are predominantly black.

To be fair to the Clippers players they made their dissatisfaction known by their silent protest. But they still look like enslaved African-Americans on a plantation working for the massa who is racially abusing them. And what's more the whole episode reflects badly on the entire black population of the United States who can only hang their heads in shame. America's super-wealthy superstars like Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Puffy, Jay Z, Tyler Perry and all the rest of them club together to make a statement by buying the basketball team outright.

That is the only way they themselves can look in the mirror with any pride ever again. Because the racism of Donald Sterling was a slave plantation affront to every single one of them. Here is a man who says I will employ you black people to make money for me, but I won't eat with you, I won't rent a house to you and I won't even let my girlfriend have a photo taken with any one of you.

If we were Jewish, we wouldn't stand for it. We would club together and buy the club as a symbol that nobody disses our faith and gets away with it.

Besides, Sterling has no use for the Clippers now that he has been served a lifetime ban by the NBA for his unguarded comments.

So come on, you rich black Americans. Show the world that you're not just sitting in your country houses counting up all your money but that you're prepared to do something with it that will make us all proud of you.

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