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Book reviews

MUST-READ: Not much beats reading a book over a steaming cup of your favourite hot drink

OUR ENTERTAINMENT Editor Joel Campbell selects some of the best books to land on his desk this week"

THE HEALING Power of Forgiveness
Written By Sharon Platt-McDonald
Autumn House Publishing

Most of us at some point in our lives have had an issue with forgiveness. If you have been wounded by the hurts others have inflicted on you or struggled with the regret of causing pain to someone else, then this book is for you.

Illuminating The Blackness - Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil
Written by Habeeb Akande

Illuminating The Blackness presents the history of Brazil’s race relations and African Muslim heritage. The book is divided into two parts.

An African Story – The Marriage
Written by L.A. Osakwe

Akapwon is looking for a bride. However, circumstances have caused his bride price offer to be very low and so it always is rejected. Finally he gets a bride, Maimuna, but is amazed that her father accepted his offer as he is from the Twee village.

Illuminating The Darkness - Blacks and North Africans in Islam
Written by Habeeb Akande

The reader needs no other discrimination while reading this book than the one the author strives to make clear throughout: the din of Islam is not only free of racism but is utterly opposed to it as the most aberrant form Jahiliyyah (ignorance).

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