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Boots apologises for saying some skin tones weren't 'normal'


BOOTS HAVE been forced to apologise after customers dubbed an in-store skincare chart 'offensive' because they believed it implied that brown and black skin 'is not normal'.

Shopper Simran spotted the chart - which showed a list of ideal SPF factors for skin types and colours, including one listed as 'normal' - in a London store.

She took to Twitter asking Boots to explain 'why brown and black [skin] was implied to be abnormal', and also questioned why minorities were being urged to use lighter SPF factors of sun cream, despite facing skin cancer risks.

On the chart, 'normal' skin was listed above 'brown' and 'black' and below 'fair' and 'sensitive', in an apparent conflation of skin type and skin colour.

The chart, photographed by Simran photo credit: Twitter

Simran took a picture of the chart and posted it to Twitter, causing an immediate backlash against the retailer.

According to MailOnline, A Boots spokesperson said the chart was 'not official Boots material'.

She said: 'We’d like to thank our customers for bringing this to our attention. We can confirm it was an isolated incident to only one Boots store and that the content featured was not official Boots show material. We have removed the chart immediately and apologise for any offence this may have caused."

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