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This is BrukOut! Seani B discusses his trip to Jamaica

IN DREAMLAND: Seani B catching up with Tony Matterhorn

FOR ME, it's important to be on the rock at least twice a year to stay in tune with everything that is happening. Watching it online and hearing about it via a social post is cool, but being there is a totally different thing.

On this trip I did the usual studio run and street parties Monday to Thursday, but what I experienced at the end of my trip was something that I have never experienced before, and I’ve seen a lot!

Set in Negril, Dream Weekend can only be described as the dancehall version of a week in Ibiza or as the organisers describe it on their website, “five days of pulsating music, energy and vibes on seven miles of white sand beaches in Jamaica” with nine parties.

Before the partying, I had to take on what was meant to be a four-hour, but turned into six-hour marathon drive to Negril! Driving up Spur Tree Hill, enjoying the winding country roads and the new toll roads. The latter is what could have cost me an extra hour on my drive if it was not for Taurus Riley, who assisted me with some local currency for the toll!

Taurus, alongside Tommy Lee, Masicka, Aidonia and Bounty Killer were all billed for the first night, Magnum Live. I arrived outside the venue hearing 'Singy Singy Taurus' rolling out the hits in quick succession to what seemed like thousands of 'dreamers'.

CELEBRATION: Seani B congratulating Ishawna after a wild party in the Kool Runnings water park

Last week’s column star Masicka was next on stage, and having shown growth as an artist in recent times, he didn’t disappoint. It was big tune after big tune, and by the time he arrived at his smash Infrared, with Vybz Kartel, it was evident he is now in the Premier League of dancehall artists. He capped off a great performance by having Bounty Killer come on to perform the joint hit Top Rank.

Bounty Killer has an incredible sixth sense of working with and pushing young artists. By doing this he still has a grip on the industry. After his show he said to me, “I’m still relevant after 25 years rocking the crowds, My battery is up!”

Bounty Killer was the bridge on this night between two feuding artists.

It is no secret that Masicka and Aidonia are not on each others Whatsapp list, but the only victim in this situation has been the voice of reason. After Aidonia joined Bounty at the end of his performance, Killer said to me, “They are my sons, I’m working on diffusing the feud.”

2017 is definitely a JOP, 4th Genna summer. With a string of hits, Aidonia has owned summer 2017. Trigger Work It, Banga Krahzay, and now the party anthem Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. This was the song of Dream Weekend. It’s not an easy song to forget! I caught-up with Aidonia to hear about his take on the formula to this string of hits.

GOOD VIBES: Seani B enjoying the best that Dream Weekend had to offer with thousands of others in Negril

“I decided to change the flow and experiment, also I wanted to release a few more songs than I usually do,” he said.

Day two was split in two. The day party was Day Dream the All White Party. The setting was on the coastline of Negril. The staging and VIP area was decked in full white, with the backdrop of the Caribbean sea.

The stage was set for over 5,000 ravers to attend. It seemed as this would be a mean feat after a heavy Caribbean downpour, but true to the region, things dried quickly as the sun came back out on show. It was a special sight to see so many people decked out in full white and ready to party into the evening.

As the sun began to set, the highlight of the night for me was DJ Don Hot from Miami. He came with a plan and executed it very well. His mission was to dispel the rumours that US DJs don’t do well at these types of events in Jamaica. On each forward he reiterated that. But the last section of his set nearly made me do a money pull up as he rinsed through the UK bangers from Giggs, Abracadabra and the climax was J Hus Did You See. The UK crew made themselves known as they began wilding out, with everyone else bewildered.

Yush was the night party. 90s v 2000s boasting a huge line up of Mighty Crown Chromatic, Coppershot and Renaissance. Before heading there I decided to head back to the hotel, get some rest and change. Big mistake. I woke up at 2.55am. But it being Dream Weekend, I still got up and headed down to a packed outside arena.

Day three was Wet 'n' Wild, the day party. I’ve been told very big things about this party. The bar was set extremely high. Did it disappoint? Hell no. The Kool Runnings water park was to play host to what was the craziest party I’ve ever attended. There were two massive stages with the likes Tony Matterhorn, Ishawna and new sensation Shenseea providing the entertainment.

You couldn’t walk one metre without getting hit by a jetstream of water, but the vibes saw this add further enjoyment to the situation. As I strolled by, trying my hardest to stay dry, I spotted Elephant Man in one of the waterways with a female patron getting to know him well inna dancehall style. If you know what I mean...

ALL-STAR ACCESS: Seani B backstage with Aidonia

The main stage was my safe haven for not getting wet. That was until Shenseea and Ishawna hit the stage in outfits fit for a water fight. The guys appreciated it all until Ishawna sang that song, Equal Rights. It did get a little out of hand as the equipment was in danger of getting wrecked, but the host Matterhorn got the house back under order and the party resumed until around 10pm.

There was to be no repeat of the night before, so it was a quick freshen up and change of clothes to head back to the next party. World vibes. This was billed as a Soundclash. My kinda ting! Again the line-up boasted Matterhorn alongside five of what he ended up on the night calling his children. The likes of talented selectors like Ikel Marvelous, Bada Bling and Bishop Escobar all lined up to try to remove a stripe from the veteran, but he was too good.

I’m a big soundclash fan and a close friend of Matterhorn. If he has a bad night in the field, I’m the first on his messenger cursing him out. But this night this was classic Tony 'Mentally Ill'. He defeated them all, one by one, setting traps and then slaying his opponents.

Sadly, this was the final night for me as I had to head back to the UK. I doubt if I would have made the final two nights alive anyway, as sleep depriva- tion had started to take its toll. Couple that with drinks inclusive as part of a VIP ticket package and you can only imagine.

I saw plenty of casualties on the way home. Big shouts to Kamal Bankay and Ron Burke and the Dream Weekend team for the hospitality. I’ve never been one for Ayia Napa or Ibiza but the Dream Experience ticks all my boxes for a summer party holiday.

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