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Celebrating National Poetry Day, part 2

POETRY: Today marks National Poetry Day

The Steel Pan

Liquid, thick, black, glistening oil
Drawn from the earth with sweat and toil.
Captured in a sturdy metal drum
To produce Trinidad and Tobago’s national income.

Vacant of its liquid gold
The story of steel pan must be told
Pan is noisy and it makes a riot
It is rarely alone and never quiet
Now this cacophony of noise must be tamed
To create the only twentieth century instrument of fame.

Pong de pan – bang langa-lang
Put it in Winston ‘Spree’ Simon’s hand
Invented near the Dry River in Port of Spain
Its unique, melodic rhythms are unchained.

Bands of Tamboo bamboo – we respect you
Pan keeping our culture, authentic and true.
The national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago
Beat it fast and beat it slow
Born from oppression when spirits were low.

No proper carnival could be without
The steel pan sound to knock about
A steel pan orchestra is hell blazing
Rhythms and beats and crescendo raising.

The discarded steel drum has come a long way
A renowned musical instrument for generations today
Trinbago is proud of its international acclaim
For it has taken the stage with world-wide fame.

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