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Celebrating national poetry day, part 3

POETRY: National Poetry Day (Photo credit: Shuttershock)


Macommere, meh belly touching meh back
Is big food he want
not some small, stupid, stingy snack

Yuh pot smelling sweet
Do do darlin is yuh food he want to eat
He go tek it wid or widout de meat

Oh fudder Lord, meh mout dripping water
Feed belly fas, before he commit manslaughter
Gi he buss up shut and boulders wid a piece a aloo pie
Dis belly digging horrors; he will not satisfy

Chicken stew and callalou on a bed of rice
Dat is someting belly go eat more dan twice
A slice of yam, eddoe and potato salad
Tings making belly dotish – he go eat for Trinidad

Bake and shark wid coca tea
Channa known as chickpea
Pelau dat could never done
Belly want de bun bun

Buljol, doubles and hops bread
Belly ready to jump outta bed
He go eat anytime
Not only when he ready to lime

Belly have a sweet toot
Benne ball and grapefruit
Guava cheese and sugar cake
All de tings yuh does like to make

Cuff down seamoss, sorrel and soursap
Dey go fill up each and every gap
Mauby, bitters and barbadeen
Go give belly a daily clean

Belly not full, but restin now
Making space for mango chow
He damn liquorice, I don’t know how.

Chunks, yuh have a sweet han
How it is yuh ent have no man
Belly single, disengaged and free
He go love you for all eternity
All he want is anudder roti.

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