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A celebration for fathers

(Photo credit: Truly Tafakari)

WITH FATHER'S Day fast approaching, one woman ensuring that men are celebrated is Victoria Lawrence, founder of Abigail Outreach Ministry (AOM).

Her organisation is hosting its first ever Dinner4Dads event, with more than 100 men already signed up to attend.

Lawrence said of the event:

“We, at Abigail Outreach Ministry believe there are many great dads who are very involved and present in their children's lives and as such need to be appreciated. And those who may be lagging in their responsibilities are also encouraged to come. We hope that they will be inspired to be the dad God wants them to be to their children.”

REACHING OUT: Founder of Abigail Outreach Ministries, Victoria Lawrence

Other outcomes Lawrence would like to see come out of Dinner4Dads is for fathers to recognise it’s not too late to build a relationship with their children and for men to take their role in society more seriously.

Lawrence is an ordained minister and works as an advisor to the Cinnamon Network, a national community action programme and as a trainer and coach.

She believes churches could do more to support men and would like to see them provide safe spaces for men to talk:

“In counselling, I discover lots of men are going through depression and many are battling with suicidal thoughts. They find it difficult to talk as everyone expects them to ‘man up' or ‘be a man'."

In the interim Lawrence is doing what she can to help men be the fathers and leaders God wants them to be.

Dinner4Dads takes place at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Dartford, Kent on June 16.

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