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A MATTER OF UNDERSTANDING: From left, the right side of our brains is where our imagination and creativity stems from; relaxation and mindfulness is important to enjoy the simple things in life.

HAVE YOU ever played out a whole scenario in your mind so much that you find yourself feeling the emotions of the
experience? As if the person you are conversing with was standing right in front of you?

Somehow, you played out exactly how you are going to feel, how they would respond and either get really annoyed because you found their response unsettling or feel slightly anxious and nervousness about what you were going to say, only to find that the whole scenario wasn’t real.


The heartbeat raced while adrenaline released from the body, creating cortisol – the stress hormone. Your body went through a whole ‘fight or flight’ process moving the blood away from the vital organs into the limbs, ultimately weakening the immune system.

Now, you’re ready to fight. You can almost feel your blood boiling, just through something created in your imagination. You return back to your ‘reality’ to find yourself sipping tea on the sofa asking yourself, “Why do I feel like this?”.

That is the power of the mind at work. The power of thought. The power of mentalism and vibration in its most practical form. We’ve all been there at some point. We live in a world of frequencies, vibrations and energy. Every cell in the body vibrates, changing its levels depending on whether we are in balance, peace, and health, or stressed unhappy and unhealthy.

Nature’s principles and laws, that we naturally subscribe to when we are born here, such as gravity, the elements and seasons are all things we adopt, to sustain our existence here on planet earth. We can’t live without them. Yet, we struggle to learn how to work in coherence with them.

VIBRATIONS: The mind is more powerful than many realise.

Let’s take a breath – we can’t see it, and some never even pay breathing any attention throughout the duration of their whole life, unless they suddenly become out of breath, or lose it for a split second and realise how valuable it is in that moment in time.

Yet, it is what keeps us alive, and when it’s gone, well, so are we. So we know how important it is. It’s the same with our mind and what it’s vibrating. Everything is energy – even our thoughts. The right hemisphere of the brain is what is responsible for our creative visualisations. All it takes is some fine tuning, and once we know how to use our brains, we literally create a whole new world. Our perception changes, our choices change sometimes even our social networks change.

Physician and inventor Nikola Tesla put it quite nicely in his quote: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy vibration and frequency.”

But how do we move into a space of understanding how to upgrade our frequency, using our greatest tool practically, when the mind loves drama? It is the greatest problem solver known to man. We are dealing with a response mechanism that has subconsciously become so habitual, it becomes a part of the personality.

You may know of one person who has mastered the art of being stressed. Even when relaxed, they are stressed, and when happy, they find the stress in the happiness. They will be stressed when there is nothing to be stressed about. They are addicted to the stress, because somewhere, there is a program saying, ‘This is giving me my daily dose of adrenaline’. This is a technique that worked for me.

After deciding I no longer wanted to have the same experiences, witness the same emotions, the same feelings and work the same job, I did some intense work on shifting my vibration. I stuck pages of A2 pieces of paper all over my bedroom wall with high vibrational words of power and statements I wanted to see come to fruition.

This way, I had no choice but read those very words every single morning and night. Words of self-healing, empowerment, and wisdom. And, as we know, words turn to matter if you focus on them strongly enough – just like that imaginary scenario that created an emotional response.

Within a year, I was ticking off one by one all the things I saw, shifting from the words I wrote – and I still hear so many stories of others using similar techniques. This is where we understand who we are on a sub-atomic level. When you realise how dynamic our reality really is. Now, let’s take that previous scenario, and flip it on its head using the principles of conscious creation, we briefly touched on, practically.

You created a scenario of something great you want to experience in life – you felt it, smelled it, tasted it and touched it. Your heart fluttered leaving the body to release dopamine. Feels nice, right?


You are walking around with the biggest smile on your face – some would say for no reason whatsoever. But your thoughts are creating something beautiful inside the mind and body, and it feels so good. Blood rushes back to the vital organs, the body becomes loose and the stomach feels the butterfly effects.

Your whole vibration turns up a couple of notches. Your brain begins to change the hertz it is vibrating at and you become a ball of joy. What was that if nothing in your environment changed?

We create the echoes of thoughts and the universe hears and responds to them. Make those echoes count.

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