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Charity calls for review on behalf of disabled children

INCLUSIVE: Charity, Include Me TOO

A CHARITY is calling to the government for a SEND Equality review, following a decade of failings to disabled children and families from diverse community backgrounds.

The charity is requesting a review for the last 10 years of equality duties failings in SEND delivery to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Disabled children, young people and their families.

BAME disabled children, young people and their families continue to be underrepresented in services uptake, participation and representative bodies. Furthermore have limited support to accessible information and advice.

During July 2016, House of Lords roundtable event Include Me TOO led on with Baroness Uddin a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on disability and All Party Parliamentary Group on autism; Lord Chris Holmes, Chair of the Disability Committee at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and an Ambassador of Include Me TOO and partner organisation Equalities National Council, asking to readdress the balance of equality, race and disability.

The roundtable discussions highlighted concerns of SEND reform and delivery failing the equality duties in regards to the multiple characteristics BAME disabled children, young people and their families are protected under including the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child and Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities.

Include Me TOO are calling for a review to readdress the balance as a first step towards progress, requesting the following:

• Equality duties considered in decisions made by the DfE in regards to SEND policy, implementation and service delivery

• Review of contracts and equality impact/outcome assessments of SEND programmes delivered since 2006 highlighting areas to meet ‘hard to reach’ communities

• Review of the last 10 years of BAME representation in government level strategic decision making processes, advisory panels and delivery partners in the implementation of SEND

• Identify resources allocated specifically to reduce the inequalities of BAME disabled children, young people and their families to provide them with an equal chance

• Review the last ten years national programmes such as Aiming High for Disabled Children, Parents and Carers participation, Early Support, Preparing for Adulthood, Short Breaks, SEND reform and Independent Supporters

• Highlight lessons learnt and produce a disability equality and diversity strategy providing clear outcomes and tools to measure the needs of BAME disabled children, young people, young adults and their families are considered and supported.

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