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Chisora to face his Nordic Nightmare

NEW FANS: Dereck Chisora

HEAVYWEIGHT PUGILIST Dereck Chisora will get the chance to avenge what many called a ‘robbery’ of a decision when he lost at the hands of Robert Helenius in 2011.

Chisora, 33, will square off against the ‘Nordic Nightmare’ in the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki on May 27.
The World Boxing Council (WBC) silver heavyweight world title will be up for grabs and the winner will become an official contender for Deontay Wilder’s world title.

“I have been looking forward to this match for a very long time,” said Helenius.

He added:

“One of my hands was injured the last time, but in May I will prove who’s the king of the castle using my two good hands.”

Chisora garnered a new set of fans when he went toe to toe in his last fight with fellow Briton Dillian Whyte. The bout went the full 12 rounds ending with the ‘Body Snatcher’ just coming out on top on points.


Helenius, who last fought against Gonzalo Omar Basile in December 2016, said he was more than up for a rematch with north London’s ‘Del Boy.’

“Chisora’s boxing technique is abrasive and he punches in volume. So I will have to throw a lot of punches and make sure that my footwork is strong,” he said.

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