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Christian leader ready to burn the Midnight Oil

RISING THROUGH THE RANKS: Seth Pinnock has worked hard

'THE VOICE' was one of the first black publications to feature Seth Pinnock when he was an up-and-coming young Christian leader.

He is now one of the most well known young Christian leaders in the UK and is getting ready to host the initiative that brought him to the fore: the Midnight Oil Summit (MOS).

Following a two-year hiatus, the MOS is back with a bang to celebrates its 10th anniversary. Pinnock, 28, is excited about it.

"I'm looking forward to Midnight Oil's 10th Anniversary Celebration," he stated.

"It's come a long way since we hosted our first event at the age of 17 and packed bags in Asda to raise money to fund it."

Pinnock can reflect on an event that has a great track record of positively impacting young people’s lives and attest that 10,000 plus young people have attended MOS over the years.

He explained, "Midnight Oil Summit has dramatically impacted and transformed the lives of those that have attended over the years. It has provided opportunities for outstanding young Christian leaders and artists to share their ministry gifts on a national platform, and due to the teaching that young people have received, many have gone on to start businesses, ministries or even renew their faith and become active in the church. These are great results of which we are very proud."

This year’s event takes place at Birmingham City church on August 5, and promises to be extra special.

Guest contributors include Lord Michael Hastings, Mark Beswick, Becca Folkes and Reverend David Shosanya and planned activities include a charity launch party and barbecue plus a special live album concert and recording by Pinnock's band, A New Thing.

The young pioneer is especially looking forward to the album recording.

“This will be the second album recording to take place at Midnight Oil. And we have some of the UK's leading producers, musicians and artists taking part including Nicky Brown, Anna Hellebronth & Worship Central, writers of the worship classic Spirit Break Out. We aim to have the album ready for release by January 2018."

It's should be no surprise that Pinnock is now a high-profile young Christian leader. He started Midnight Oil when he was 17, studied architecture at university, in 2011 was earmarked as a young leader to watch by the Tony Blair foundation and received an award as one of the 'UK's Top 10 Black Students' at the House of Commons. Just recently he was given the Outstanding Young Visionary Award at the Minister's Appreciation Ball in London.

Although Pinnock stopped hosting the MOS for two years he has been keeping himself busy. His gospel outfit A New Thing sang at 30 venues across UK and Europe to promote his first album album.

He also raised money for the homeless during a five day sleep out. Pinnock now currently works as a consultant for Christian charities Tearfund and the Big Church Day Out.

It’s his hope that MOS 2017 will do what it’s always done, positively impact young peoples lives.

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