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City Connex networking event taking place May 27th


Q1: What inspired you to set-up City Connex?

CityConnex was inspired by a need for a new organisation with the aim of empowering and providing a platform where professionals can meet to engage, network and create a valued influence in the market place.

Q2: What do you offer people?

Simply put - an opportunity - we facilitate leadership and career development through networking, seminars and workshops chaired by leading speakers and executives from different industries.

Q3: How do you attract who you consider the 'right' kind of people for your events, in order to make it worthwhile attending?

Young professionals from the greater London area. We have a very good understanding of what type of environment our clientele feel comfortable in. And our event policy reflects that; down to the type of attire we want at the events we host. We cater for a very distinct audience type - it is a very 'business cards at the ready' type of crowd.


Q4: There are many opportunities for networking - what makes City Connex unique?

What has made us stand out is that we do know sides of networking events - we cater to a business focused audience but we provide a social environment also. There aren't very many networking organisations who provide a seminar on property investment but are also capable of successfully hosting a speed-dating event or a poetry night.

Q5: Are there any particular business success stories that have come out of people getting involved with City Connex?

There are very many success stories that developed from a 'connection' at City Connex event; from love connections to a merger of two small business. But our greatest success would have to be a UK fashion brand finding a new supplier at our April networking event - watch this space; we hope to tell you of many more successful connections for years to come

Q6: Do you agree that 'your network is your net worth'?

Yes it is, however it's also down to how you utilise, support and build relationships within your network. Developing your network takes time and effort. I think the best networkers are those who are able to take time to understand why certain individual cross our paths. Nothing is ever 'random'.

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