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The classic meets the contemporary at the Waldorf Hilton


WALKING INTO the Waldorf Hilton on a Friday night, is almost like stepping into a time machine. Good Godfrey’s Lounge transforms into sultry, candlelit atmosphere, reminiscent of the 1920’s jazz scene - but with a twist.

Ahead of its 110th anniversary in January 2018, The Waldorf Hilton hosted twice weekly jazz nights in collaboration with Blue Rose – one of London’s rising jazz acts – celebrating the last 110 years of jazz.

Thursday sets took on a more classic approach as the jazz singer performed songs from 1908 to 1950, with hits from Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

Friday is where the perfect blend of classic meets the modern as Blue Rose sings sultry renditions of various music genres, adding her to spin to everything from Whitney Houston to Bruno Mars, much the the amazement of the admirers she sings to.

Rose has been performing professionally at some of London’s finest establishments since 2012, and often allows discourse and jazz improvisation in her set, making for relaxed atmosphere.

Xavier Hubert, Director of Operations of The Waldorf Hilton said: "We've been looking at how we develop our music programme to create memorable experiences for our guests. Music has always been a big part of the hotel's history and as we approach our 110th anniversary we want to celebrate that fact.

"By introducing Blue Rose and her elegant sets, we want to establish the hotel as a destination for jazz. Blue Rose has played at some of the top venues in London and will provide the perfect accompaniment to an evening at The Waldorf Hilton.”

Blue Rose added: "It's a privilege to be bringing live music to The Waldorf Hilton. We will be taking guests on a musical journey, through some of the most enchanting jazz repertoires of the past 110 years.

"Our approach is to play all the favourite jazz songs in a fresh and innovative way. We love jazz, but essentially we love music. Our sets are classic, glamorous and engaging - it's what jazz is all about."

For a night of good food, classic cocktails and music, Jazz at the Waldorf Hilton was certainly a good idea.

Catch the final show tonight at the Waldorf Hilton. The show is free to both in-house guests and the general public.

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