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Collabo: Reverend Run's son Jojo and Gospel's Femi Iloyi

DUO: Femi Iloyi and Jojo Simmons join forces

MUSICIAN AND producer Femi Iloyi, a pioneer of the UK gospel rap scene, has joined forces with Jojo Simmons, the son of DJ and American reality TV star Rev. Run, to start a new record label.

The duo recorded a single in 2014 and have created music for TV, while Iloyi has managed some of Simmons' business affairs in London – but they have now decided to take it to the next level to create Who’s House Entertainment.

The label is something both Femi and Jojo had considered before. Iloyi revealed:

“We’ve always been talking about it but I was waiting for him to get to it and do it.”

Well, they’ve done it now, and are committed to releasing R’n’B, Jazz and Hip-Hop. Iloyi adds that they will consider signing a UK Gospel act:

“I need to find someone that I believe in, that can get the job done and tour America.”

The label is set to sign their first artist soon, and music is expected from them this year.

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