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Come out to the 'Black Businesses Matter' expo and show

COME AND SUPPORT: The Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, north London will be hosting 'Black Businesses Matter'

If you have been paying attention recent news and social media feeds, racial dynamics and incidences of hate crimes in the UK and the US have drastically changed for the worst since the Brexit vote and the election of nationalist Donald Trump as American president.

Our black brothers and sisters have been shot down for the most innocuous of reasons, giving rise to Black Lives Matter and commentary from civil leaders and celebrities alike on what we can do to remain safe and strong as a diaspora.

One way of counteracting the symptoms of racial tension is to acknowledge that there is more to black history than being violently persecuted.

To add to this, the promotion of unity within black communities could include more recognition of black-owned businesses which can be celebrated and patronised by more paying customers. Not only would this enhance black economic growth by independent means, but would also divert cash away from people of other ethnicities who often sell African and Caribbean produce and Euro-centric ‘beauty’ products such as Brazilian hair and skin-lightening creams to black people, whilst profiting greatly in the process.

Black Businesses Matter is an event organised by Big Bang Entertainment who want to highlight ‘undiscovered’ businesses within black communities and encourage attendees to support black-owned vendors as well as contribute more to the black economy.

As well as a range of stalls selling local produce, entertainment will be provided from local music artists. Speakers will also be sharing ideas and thoughts on the day.

Black Businesses Matter is happening on Thursday 16 February from 3-8pm at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Road, London N15 4RX.

Nearest tube and rail station: Seven Sisters.

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