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Confront your fears and find your self-confidence

SELF-CONFIDENCE can be the key to success in life.

Those who are not that successful often complain that if they simply received a few more opportunities in life, they would be able to turn things around. But the fact is that most of us get adequate opportunities. It is just that, we are either unable to recognise the potential of these opportunities, or we do not have the courage or the confidence to go after them to succeed in life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to gain self-confidence quickly? Confidence about one’s own abilities can indeed make a huge difference, and it is essential, too. But it is also essential to remember that this confidence be based on the realities.

How do you do this? For this, you need to understand what your abilities are, and if you do, you will have a good idea about whether you can accomplish the job, even if you have not actually done it before.

If you do not have great self-confidence, you could be missing out on the good things of life. The best opportunities at the workplace might not go your way. You might not be proactive enough to go out and spread the word about your business or seek out that job actively. A lack of self-confidence could impact you in your personal life, too. You might hesitate in a social setting and choose not to meet that special someone.

So, if you want to improve self-confidence, it is essential that you make a conscious effort to gain it quickly. Here’s how you can do it.

There are people who do not feel confident or self-assured because they believe that they do not have enough of a particular thing such as money, good luck or education. You should stop thinking about what you don’t have. This will only make you feel unsatisfied. Instead, concentrate on what you do have – there are many people who do not have the abilities, skills and/or talents that you possess.

Always remain positive. Never let others make you feel bad or inferior. If you don’t inspire confidence in yourself, others are not going to have the confidence in you. Do your best to be optimistic and speak good things about yourself and about your future.

If you want to know how to gain self-confidence quickly, then make a note of all your abilities, gifts, talents, passion and strengths. Take out that pen and paper and start thinking. You will already know a few of your strengths because of previous accomplishments. Now stretch yourself. Think harder, and try to come up with a few more – particularly, in areas that have been untapped so far. You might not know that you have strengths in several areas until you have done this. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised, and this will help to improve your confidence. Once you have your strengths in front of you, create a list of your fears. We all have them, and these get in the way and prevent us from taking on more responsibilities and going after new opportunities.


So the next time you get a chance to do something that you might not feel confident about, do not shy away from it. Instead, say ‘yes’ and take it up. You already know what your fears are, and so this should prepare you to work through them when you are accepting a challenging project.

You might not be a success the first time. This happens. Remember, ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Do some analysis to find out why you failed and whether you were successful in beating your fears or not. Learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward.

However, if you succeed, then that’s really awesome. You have already been able to gain control over your fears and make the project a great success.

Try these steps and see if they don’t show you how to gain confidence quickly. Then share the knowledge that you have acquired to teach and help others.

Tandelyn A. Weaver is the president of The Power of Positive Action, LLC. A certified life coach, Tandelyn provides free advice on the 7 Strategies Women Entrepreneurs Must Have for Success, Wealth and Personal Freedom through her website,

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