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Coolio for Vice President?

CAREER CHANGE: Coolio (Photo credit: Getty Images)

FROM THE charts to the presidency - could Coolio be making a bid for Vice President in 2020?

Well according to reports, the one-hit-wonder is reportedly running in a presidential campaign as Vice President alongside adult film star Cherie DeVille, who seeks to become the next U.S. President.

According to KESQ, DeVille previously announced that she would be running for President back in August of this year, and she's chosen the Gangster's Paradise rapper as her VP.

While speaking with the outlet, Coolio reveals why he's choosing to run in the election and get into politics.

“Somebody got to do something man, somebody got to try," he said. "We need normal people, we need normal regular everyday people in office."

“I believe there truly is a Deep Stat," he adds. "And I think there is a Deep Deep State and nothing is what it seems."

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