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Cost of love: Britons reveal biggest sacrifices they've made

NEW RESEARCH has found that just under a fifth of Britons have had to end a friendship with a close acquaintance in order to please a partner, with just less than 1 in 20 needing to give-up a beloved pet or animal for the sake of a romantic relationship.

The survey, conducted on behalf of Web-Blinds polled a total of 2,876 UK adults aged 18 and over in a bid to uncover exactly what sacrifices Britons are willing to make in order to maintain a relationship with their partner. All those taking part were in relationships at the time of being questioned.

All respondents were given an extensive list of answers and were asked to state what they felt had been the biggest sacrifice they’d made for their current relationship; with the top 10 answers emerging as follows:

1. Having to relocate to a new city/town in the UK - 20%

2. Having to end a friendship - 18%

3. Giving up a hobby/passion - 14%

4. Lending/giving my partner money -9%

5. Agreeing to not have children – 8%

6. Having to change careers - 6%

7. Having to stop smoking - 4%

8. Having to give up a pet/animal – 4%

9. Accepting the fact I won’t get married -2%

10. Having to give up the ‘single’ lifestyle – 1%

To find out more about the Britons that classed relocating for a partner as the biggest sacrifice they’d made, relevant respondents were asked to state the town or cities that they’d been required to move to in order to avoid a long-distance relationship, with London (17%), Liverpool (8%) and Bristol (6%) the three most common answers.

When the same individuals were also asked to state how long they’d been with their partner before making the decision to relocate to be with them, the average answer was revealed to be 1 year and 3 months. When also asked to state how far (in miles) they’d moved for the relocation, the average emerged as 70 miles.

Finally, all respondents taking part in the study were asked if they resented their partner for the sacrifices they’d made for the sake of their relationship, with more than one quarter (26%) agreeing that they did, and the remaining 74% admitting any sacrifices made had all been worth it long term.

Melissa Benedict, spokesperson for Web-Blinds, made the following comments:

“Every relationship faces challenges that need to be overcome, but the idea of completely leaving everything you know behind and moving to a brand new city has to be up there as one of the biggies!”

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