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Créole Day Festival will pay tribute to victims of Irma

CELEBRATION: Créole Day Festival

THE FORTH edition of the CREOLE DAY FESTIVAL is back, and this time it's under the patronage of the Embassy of Haiti in London and sponsored by our very own Miss West indies UK.

Once again it will be a special celebration of the success and achievement of the French Creole speaking diaspora in London, and the celebration will be attended by a wide variety of guest speakers, writers, poets, artists, singers, dancers and other talented entertainers.

Some of the guests this year include:

- Danni Blechner - Founder and Book Journey Mentor at Conscious Dreams Publishing will show you how to self-publish a book when you have a story to tell.

- Kevin Gordon – Family Law Barrister & Jimmy Lirvat – Engineer & Business founder will provide their most inspirational speeches on two pertinent societal/current issues.

The event will also be attended by a wide variety of writers, poets, artists, singers, dancers and other talented entertainers.

Three London based female writers from Guadeloupe will also present and sign copies of their new books. They are:

- Cindy Marie Nelly - writer of ‘PEAUX ÉCHAPPÉES’

Cindy Marie Nelly is a Guadeloupean born teacher and writer living in London. Her first novel, Peaux Echappées tells the stories of several women from the last days of slavery in Guadeloupe to Paris' suburbs in 2008. They are searching for their own paths, looking for love, happiness and most importantly trying to define themselves in an ever-changing reality where their destinies are burdened by an ancestral curse.

- Marcelle Roujade – Writer of ‘Black Boy Can’t Fly?’

Marcelle Roujade, born in Guadeloupe, is passionate about aviation. She lives in London. After coaching her son to become a commercial pilot, she wrote: Black Boy Can't Fly? an inspiring account of a young black boy quest to fulfil his dream. You will discover that once a seed of belief is set, and with a burning desire to succeed you can turn a "No" into an "Yes".

- KLS Fuerte - Writer of ‘Never Saw You Coming’

Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a French native speaker, educated in Paris and Oxford, Fuerte's journey to settle and live in the U.K. is very colourful with dark and light shades. Her passion for teaching is leading her current life, but her dream of writing is finally becoming reality. Never Saw You Coming is the story of the role-model mixed couple, which unfolds and takes some surprising turns where love, romance, truth, lies, death, and illusions boil at a hot temperature. This is a book where the characters never know what is around the corner.

For the second consecutive year, there will also be a Brexit forum where event’s participants and guests reflect, share, plan and prepare for the future. The other activities creole dictation, hair consultations (Afro & European), artist’s stalls, fashion show, domino, evening dance party and creole food & drinks.

The event will end with live music with DJs, and will tribute the victims of Hurricane Irma and the Grenfell Tower fire.

See for full details below:

DATE: Saturday 21 October
TIME: 2pm – 11pm
LOCATION:The St Anne’s Catholic Settlement Hall
42-46 Harleyford Road, London, SE11 5AY
PRICE: Under 16: Free
Adults: £8
early birds £10 online & at the door Children

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