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Crippled by fear? Follow these 10 steps

FROZEN: Fear can stop us in our tracks

I RECENTLY finished chapter seven – What To Do About What You’re Afraid Of – in Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s book, 'The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking'.

His first two sentences state this:

“You can do something about your fear. You can overcome it.”

It’s pretty easy to know how important being able to handle fear is when you think about how it can stop you in your tracks towards being the best you can be, and reaching your goals.

With this in mind, there probably isn’t a single other topic as important to you as that of overcoming fear. Here are 10 ways to overcome your fear, move on with your life and live the way you really want to:

1) Do it anyway. Your dreams are too important to just write them off due to fear. You can’t afford to not overcome your fear. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mark Twain said similarly:

“Do what you fear the most and the death of fear is certain.”

How true that is.

2) Practice. If you can practice what it is you are trying to accomplish, like speaking in front of a large audience or interviewing, this will go a long way in overcoming fear.

3) Study or educate. One thing that can cause fear is in the unknown. Turn the unknown to the known by researching and learning more about what it is you are needing to know.

4) Use self-talk. Self-talk is very powerful in changing one’s ability to deal with fear and stressful situations. Self-talk is a topic on its own, but I recommend you write a positive statement about what it is you want to happen in present tense and say it out loud with feeling over and over for 30 to 40 minutes. You can deviate from the sentence to include more details and additional information as it relates to overcoming the fear, but it must be positive and in present tense. As corny as it may seem, this really works.

5) Evoke help and support from others. Others who support you in the area that is causing you fear can be very helpful indeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and words of encouragement. That could be all you need.

6)Become inspired. Read a book, listen to a passage, or watch a movie. It will give you the power to know you too can overcome your fear when you learn and feel what others felt who had great challenges presented to them, yet succeeded.

7) Break it down. Don’t try to eat an elephant whole. Whatever is causing your fear (your elephant) in most cases can be broken down into bite-size pieces. Take baby steps. For example, if you are trying to speak before large audiences, try sharing your speech with your spouse or friend, at a Toastmasters chapter, then a small audience, followed by a larger audience, and so on.

8) Develop a protection shell equivalent to that of steel. Build confidence in yourself. You have the ability to do whatever somebody else has already done. To overcome your fears, gain self esteem of which there are a lot of programs available to assist you in doing so.

9) Consult and pray to your higher power. This may be your best option for a quick fix – or even long term fix – because there is no other option as powerful as this one. Use this option as your secret weapon. When your higher power is with you, nobody and nothing can stop you, not even your fear.

10) Envelop yourself with your reasons why. Think of why you are doing what it is that you are doing. Perhaps you are helping your family or others. Maybe you want certain things for yourself or material things. Whatever it is, if you focus on your reason for doing the thing that brings you the fear, you will have better ammunition to succeed at accomplishing that which you are scared to do. And a bonus reason: You’ll feel so great once you finish that which you fear. You can overcome your fear, because I believe in you.

Kevin H. Levine is the founder of Belief Equals Possibility, where you can discover a wide array of topics to assist in finding peace and happiness. Guidance includes relationship building, career success, family, and much more. You can claim your special report by clicking here.

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