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Cyril Ramaphosa is elected ANC leader

ELECTED: Cyril Ramaphosa (Photo credit: Delwyn Versamy/ M&G)

THE AFRICAN National Congress chose an anti-apartheid hero and businessman as its new leader on Monday, making him Jacob Zuma’s successor.

The new A.N.C. leader, Cyril Ramaphosa, was a protégé of Nelson Mandela, who after a long wait, has now been positioned to lead a party and nation that have been deeply yearning for change after Zuma’s eight-year rule.

After a fierce race that exposed the cracks in the party, the A.N.C.’s 4,708 delegates voted by a margin of 179 ballots for Ramaphosa, 65, currently South Africa’s deputy president.

According to the NY Times: "Ramaphosa’s victory amounts to a victory for reformers in the A.N.C., which wants to root out corruption and win back foreign investors."

“Ramaphosa has a better chance of renewing confidence, not only in the markets but also inside the A.N.C., where reformers may now feel they have a place,” said William Gumede, the executive chairman of the Democracy Works Foundation, a good-government advocacy group.

“The mood in this country in the last couple of years has been so depressed that he’ll bring a new energy.”

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