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Data on racial disparities to be released by Theresa May

FACTS AND FIGURES: The Prime Minister leaving Downing Street yesterday (October 9)

YESTERDAY (OCTOBER 9) Downing Street called a press conference to release a previewed version of their new interactive website, Ethnicity Facts and Figures, which presents statistics on the different experiences of white Brits and ethnic minorities in Britain. The data project is something which hasn't been done by any other government before.

The website will go live at 12.30pm today (October 10), allowing everyone from journalists, academics, policy-makers and the general public to look up the facts on over 130 factors including culture and community, home ownership, health, educational attainment and the receipt of benefits.

Much of the data is already available to those who know where to look for it on the world wide web, however there are some qualitative questions that Government departments have asked the public, which offer a broader and more detailed picture of how people feel about life in the UK.

Such questions include those along the lines of, 'How British do you feel?'. This particular subject revealed that white British respondents do not feel any more British than their African, Caribbean or Asian counterparts, on the whole.


Downing Street confirmed yesterday that they had been working with David
Lammy MP (author of The Lammy Report which painted a bleak picture for black people in the criminal justice system) and other non-governmental organisations (NGO) in order to collate and present the data.

The exercise will contribute to the achievement of one of the Prime Minster's key aims, which is to highlight and remedy racial disparities which currently adversely affect many BAME people in the UK.

Upon entering Downing Street as Prime Minister for the first time last year, Theresa May expressed aghast at stop and search tactics which were unfairly targeting black and Asian young men in particular and vowed to achieve parity in this area.

To use the data as a key tool for policy change, May will urge Government departments and agencies who interface with the public, to 'explain or change' any figures which suggest they are treating BAME inappropriately in comparison to white service users.


Later today the Prime Minister will host a Cabinet roundtable discussion, to which key community stakeholders and public agencies have been invited. She is expected to tell them that the website, which will be updated regularly as new data emerges, will be an “essential resource in the
battle to defeat ethnic injustice”.

Commenting positively on the impending release of Ethnicity Facts and Figures, Operation Black Vote's Director Simon Woolley said:

"Over many years the Prime Minister has shown a real desire to grapple
with the scourge of racism including confronting high levels of BAME
stop and search, BAME deaths in police custody and now this."

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