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David Nwogbe to be Ordained the Youngest Black Male Priest


LONDON-BORN and raised David Nwogbe, 30, will be ordained the youngest black male priest in the UK. The married father-of-three will be ordained in June 2017, a year earlier than expected.

Nwogbe, who is currently studying a degree in Ministry, Mission and Theology at St Mellites, completed his initial training at the London School of Theology, earning a Certificate in Theology in 2012.

David realised his vocation for the ministry at the tender age of 14 when his dad was assaulted and about to have eye surgery. It was then that David prayed with holy water and sprinkled it over his dad’s eye.

Following this, his dad went for surgery preparation and the doctor said he no longer needed surgery and then said, “This must be a miracle”. David was then encouraged to join the prayer and intercession team and later promoted to preach his first sermon titled ‘Look to the future because the present becomes the past to quickly’.

In 2012, Nwogbe was ordained as a Church of England Deacon as his late grandfather was the Arch Deacon in the Anglican Church of Nigeria. Once his family and members of the community in Nigeria heard he was to walk in his grandfather's foot's steps they arranged for him to be ordained as the Deacon. This then led to David being licensed as a Deacon in the Church of England at All Souls in Harlesden, London.

David hopes that his new vocation will inspire young black men of his generation who may be caught up in knife and gun culture. Having lived in Stonebridge, he knows all too well the challenges young people deal with on a regular basis. He has experienced a stray bullet hitting a member of his family and has also been attacked with a knife outside his church. David wants to use his new position to change the lives of young black men on the path of destruction, violence and gun culture.

He will take up his post as Assistant Priest at All Souls, Harlesden, London and will be ordained the youngest black male priest in the UK on June 30.

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