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Dead amidst AIDS rumours: Bishop Eddie Long

GONE: Bishop Eddie Long

THE INTERNET is ablaze with rumours surrounding the cause of Bishop Eddie Long's death.

The American clergyman, who was in his early sixties, sadly died this morning. The church he lead, New Birth Missionary Baptist released a statement naming the cause of death as "an aggressive form of cancer".

Social media users have been lambasting the late Bishop for his 2010 brush with the law, when several underage boys accused him of sexually abusing them. Long settled with the accusers out of court and had since been under moral scrutiny from the public. Ty Foote, a Facebook user commented:

"Can't hurt no more children. Rest in piss."

The Bishop had appeared recently on television looking half his size, which could well have been a display of cancer symptoms, however many put it down to the fact that he had acquired AIDS. Jut one of the comments were made on Twitter by @Shook_Jones:

"Undercover gay preacher #Eddielong died of AIDS. He was touching boys and the church still covered for him. Smfh".

Fellow preacher and Gospel singer Kim Burrell was suspected of implying that Long had AIDS during her now infamous controversial sermon, made in December; which saw her invite to the Ellen DeGeneres TV show revoked because of Burrell's comments about gay people whilst on the pulpit.

Gospel singer Yolanda Adams publicly rebuked Burrell for her comments regarding Long:

"As a Person who has Gay Relatives and Friends, I had to put these Words in the Atmosphere to combat the unwarranted and unproven attack on My Friend Bishop Long."

This story is developing.

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